Discs production

Printing and dupication / replication service



We offer three printing technics on CDs or DVDs: offset, screen print and UV digital. We offer sustainable printing and professional product.

We adapt the product to your quality needs, and fit it on the budget.

We print both CMYK and Pantone (including fluorescent and metallic colors).

We have the possibility to print the selected white underprint or entirely without white base.

We can offer UV coating glossy and matt on the entire surface of the print, as well as selectively.

In our offer you will also find thermotransfer and inkjet print. In addition, we have a possibility to print Braille alphabet.

All prints are made on our Cds/DVDs and we guarantee the highest quality.

CD / DVD burning concept


In addition to a wide variety of printing techniques we can offer replication and duplication.

In our offer you will find also a wide range of packaging for discs.

The packaging can be shrink wrapped, which makes the received product complete and professional,

ready for immediate distribution.