What we offer

What we offer

We offer four techniques for printing on discs: offset, screen, digital UV and thermal transfer.

These ensure lasting and professional-looking printing.

We are able to provide comprehensive services. In addition to a wide range of printing techniques, we can also undertake the recordingand pressing of discs.  We can also provide a wide range of packaging. We offer both individually-printed cardboard packaging (such as cardboard envelopes or digipacks) and also plastic jewel cases with or without a cover (such as slim or standard DVD cases).

We can print on pens, mugs, and promotional materials such as leaflets, brochures and business cards.

The wide variety of printing services that we perform means that we cannot present all of them on this site, so please do contact us if you have printing needs that we have failed to mention.

At your request we can prepare a made-to-measure proposal to meet your needs for discs, packaging and other promotional material.

The cost of preparing a project depends on the difficulty of developing it, on the number of amendments made to it and on the size of the order envisaged.

Pricing is determined individually, so please contact us for an estimate and with any other enquiries you may have. We will happily answer any questions that you e-mail to us.

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