Standard procedures

Standard procedures for the provision of M-ART services




§ 1 Placing orders

Orders can be placed electronically, using this form or simply by sending us an email.

All amendments to orders must be made in writing and must be confirmed by the person who is dealing with the order. Failure to receive confirmation of amendments by return mail should be taken as meaning that the amendments have not been made.

All aspects of an order should be established before an order is placed; no responsibility can be accepted for any amendment made after acceptance of an order.

We accept masters as iso or nrg disc images or as a 1:1 scaled CD/DDVD. We cannot accept responsibility if other formats are used to deliver material for recording.

If you choose to provide a disc image, it should be packed and placed on your own or our ftp server. In addition, you should inform us by email that a disc image has been posted and provide us with the checksum and with any access data.

If you choose to provide us with a physical mother disc, please provide it in the form in which it is to be copied onto other discs. We make true 1:1 copies. Please do not burn a disc image on the disc.

§ 2 Costs and completion times


Pices are determined individually.  Our estimates indicate the approximate cost of your order.   Prices are confirmed when an order is placed.

Each estimate is valid for five working days, after which prices may be changed without giving a reason. We also reserve the right to change prices, regardless of the previous estimate, if suppliers’ prices increase.

We cannot assume any financial responsibility for errors in an offer.

We are not able to guarantee completion of work by a particular date. Therefore we cannot assume financial responsibility, or any other, for possible delays in fulfilment of orders. The completion dates that we give must be regarded as approximate.

§ 3 Payment and delivery of product


We begin work on an order after its acceptance and after payment by the customer to the bank account shown on our invoice and sending of confirmation that the transfer has been made to the person dealing with the order.

Finished products are delivered to customers by courier. We are unable to accept responsibility for delays or damage caused by the courier company. In the event of damage a statement about it should be written in the presence of the courier and the person dealing with the order should be informed so that the complaint procedure at the courier company can be begun. The complaint will be dealt with under the rules of the courier company.

§ 4 Possible shortfalls in the order


In view of the numerous steps in the manufacturing process, we reserve the right to fall short to a small extent in the number of items produced.

If it is impossible to make good the shortfall a corrected invoice will be issued.

§ 6 Complaints:


We only accept complaints that are made in writing. A complaint should be lodged by sending an e-mail that contains:

the order number to which the complaint relates,
the nature of the product/service about which the complaint is made,
the grounds for the complaint, and
information about the preferred solution to the complaint.
A product about which a complaint is made is to be returned at the expense of the customer. Please take care to provide adequate protection of the product from damage during transport.

Faulty goods should be returned in the same form in which they were received. When materials are sent in a non-standard manner we make an extra charge, e.g. for unpacking the materials from your packaging.

We respond to complaints within 14 days of receiving the goods.

The maximum financial responsibility that we can accept is for up to the cost of the order.


The basis for positive consideration of a complaint is provision, before production starts, of a professionally-made Cromalin colour proof from the file sent for printing.

An file sent by e-mail for approval does not constitute a colour example and serves only for general approval of the project.

When screen printing we use colours from the Pantone Coated scale. We usually mix inks in the printshop and so there may be slight colour differences from the pattern. If you require a specific colour we can order it but this will be an additional cost. Please contact us in order to agree on prices.

In screen printing we print only 100% Pantone colours. We do not perform four-colour printing and we use rasterisation only on special request and at the customer’s risk.

A complaint regarding printing cannot be accepted if the prints match the file accepted by the customer.


We accept masters accept as a iso or nrg disc image or as a 1:1 scaled CD/DDVD. We cannot accept responsibility if other formats are used to deliver material for recording.

We are unable to check discs for the correctness of the material recorded. We check samples of disks to check that material has been recorded and that discs play.

We are unable to let discs be checked in our premises for accuracy of printing and recording.

We assume no responsibility for the compatibility of your hardware with the media supplied by us.

It should be noted that if discs are recorded independently by the customer, they are considered to be damaged and not subject to complaint.

§ 6 Copyrights


Please ensure before lodging an order with our company that all materials submitted for completion of the order are covered by rights that make it legal for us to perform the order. This concerns, in particular, the right to record, reproduce, publish and place on the market intangible property used in the performance of the order, such as graphic designs, audiovisual recordings and computer programmes. Materials supplied for performance of the order are free of legal defects and the performance by us of the order will not violate any rights, particularly copyright and related rights, of third parties.

Materials supplied for performance of the order do not contain content that is contrary to applicable laws or other content that is generally considered to be unethical, such as encouragement of racial, ethnic or religious hatred and pornographic content. Materials supplied for performance of the order do not promote violence, fascism or communism, do not contain vulgar content, do not offend religious feelings and do not libel third parties.

§ 7 Final provisions



Lodging of orders with our company entails acceptance of these procedures and any disputes are to be settled in accordance with them.